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Exemplary Technology Projects

Carol LaRow

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  • This page serves as an online handout for conference sessions.
  • Included are links and resources for topics covered in the session.
  • Every effort has been made to include sites listed in the presentation.
  • Urls will be updated periodically; please check back
  • Documents are provided for you to download.
Teacher Toolbox:
Timelines - create online; allows multimedia content
Jumptags (collect, save, and share bookmarks)
Citation Machine
Citation Builder
Quia (create online educational games)
Noodle Tools (support for the research process)
Schoolnotes (post assignments, notices, and links to text books used in the classroom)
Eboard (communication between school and home)
Webquest Generator (create webquests online)
Teachnology (create simple timelines online)
Class Blogmeister (search engine specifically for classroom use; create class blogs; search for blogs by grade level)
Blogger (create a class blog with Google)
WEB Worksheet Wizard (create WEB pages quickly)
Google Sites (Google's "Easy-to-Use" webpage creator)
Google Earth
Exercises, Quizzes, Tests
Google Maps
Free Open Source Video Player
Assign-A-Day (create calendars to manage classes & assignments)
Question Builder
WordPress (FAQ's on blogs and related topics)
Help With Writing Skills & Communication
WEB Tools: (convert videos to different forms; just paste URL)
Save YouTube (Save and download YouTube Videos)
Child safe WEB searching
VoiceThread (Share photos, video and add your own comments)
SlideShare (embed Power Point presentations on a wiki page)
Photofiltre (free image retouching program)
Survey Monkey (create surveys online)
Convert media files to different formats
Power Media Plus (videos, images, music to use in classrooms)
Converts files to different formats
FLV Converter (download videos to iPod or PC)
Profcast - record presentations
Teacher Tube (share videos for educational purposes)
Survey Monkey (online survey)
Create short urls from long ones
PB Wiki (secure site; ad free; easy to use)
Zoomerang (online survey- basic version free)
WEB 2.0 shortcuts - links to different tools
URL's for Educators:
Curriculum mapping primer
Public domain images, video, music
SMART Board lessons and templates, language arts
SMART Technologies - teacher resources
Quizstar (create online quizzes and organize results)
Trakstar (online lessons and activities)
Alternative assessment how-to's
What is a Webquest?
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Elementary Resources:
Get Ready to Read
Clifford Interactive Storybooks
National Geographic for Kids
Math Games for Kids
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (great to use with whiteboards)
National Geographic
Search for Language Arts Lessons
Classroom Graphing Ideas for Elementary Students
Teachers First (teacher resources by subject and grade level)
Classroom graphing ideas
Power Point Games Online
Power Point Activities and Templates
Power Point Reference Guide Online
Online games for students up to age 10
more to be added more to be added
Secondary Resources:
Think Tank (help students develop research organizers)
Teachers First (teacher resources by subject and grade level)
Teachers First - Timely Topics
Interactive Math Activities
more to be added more to be added
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Podcast Directories on the WEB:
iTunes Music Store
Yahoo Podcasts
Podcasting News
Education Podcast Network
Educational Podcasts, K-12
Educational Podcasts
Podcast Alley, Educational Listings
Podcasts for Educators, Schools, and Colleges
Resources for Creating, Producing, and Receiving Podcasts:
Links to Software for Downloading Podcasts
Podcast and New Media Expo
Beyond Podcasting Basics
Learning in Hand
Podcast a blog
iQuiz Maker (create quizzes for iPods)
Create Podcasts with Your PC
Podcast Generator (open source podcast publishing)
Articles and Links about Podcasting
Podcasting Tools
Garageband (Mac, OSX) http://www/
Recording a Podcast
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Teacher Materials from Presentation:

1. Validating Websites, sample worksheet - download file

2. Sample webquest worksheet - download file

3. Storyboard sheet - download file

4. Sample checklist - download file

5. Metaphor lesson - download file

iLife & Podcasting How To's:

1. Uploading a site folder - iWEB in the Classroom pdf file

2. Creating a podcast track -

3. Using the Media Browser with a podcast -

4. Previewing a podcast before publishing -

5. Sending a podcast to iWEB and preparing it to be uploaded to a folder-

6. Creating a podcast webpage using iWEB -

Evaluating Sites on the WEB:
accuracy –  Does the site list the author and institution that published the page? Is there a way to contact the

credibility – Is the information from a news organization, television station, news magazine, trusted

validity –     Do different sources report or list the same information?

objectivity – Is the main objective of the page to provide information? Is advertising limited? Are author’s
                     opinions evident?

current –     Is the page current and updated regularly? Do the links work?

purpose –    purpose of the document is clear; ? information is useful

Guides to Search Strategies:
Search Engine Showdown

Internet Searching Strategies

Web Search Strategies

Tutorial UC Berkeley

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Searching the Internet

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Personal Toolbox:
Flickr (share and access photos)
Google Picasa (post & edit photos; share videos; "map" where photos taken
Google Blogger
Blogsome (Wordpress Host)
Edublogs (K-12 site to use for teaching; post materials; host discussions)
Google Groups (collaborate online, share files, join discussions)
Google Docs (create and share files online)
Google Desktop (social bookmarking - share bookmarks with others)
Furl (find other Furled WEB sites, save, and share)
Diigo (social annotation; highlight and clip any webpage)
Mister Wong (bookmarks)
Blogmarks (tag and share bookmarks)
Ning (create and customize your own social network) (document storage; access & share files online)
Moodle (a course management system)
WEB 2.0 (Wikipedia definition)
Technorati (search for blogs)
PBwiki (an easy-to-use, secure site)
Wikispaces (easy-to-use free site; used by educators)
Pikiwiki (create WEB pages online; have others add content)
Teacher Librarian Ning
Classroom 2.0 (support community for WEB 2.0 collaboration)
Zoho (work online: writer, spreadsheets, note taker, & more)
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