Google Custom Search Engine

                             Carol LaRow

Use this tool to create a customized search engine that only searches the sites you pre-determine for your students. Choose the websites, insert the urls, and know that your students are searching the WEB safely. This is also useful because it cuts down on the number of irrelevant hits the students get, which saves time.

Sample Features:

Users Can: mm
• Specify display results
• Style the search engine to have the look and feel of their personal websites
• Collaborate with others and have them contribute to the search engine
• Add search refinements within result pages, allowing users to find information they are looking for
• Add more sites to a search engine's index
• Create a Custom Search Engine on the "fly" by cutting and pasting code into a website's html
• Have Google host the search engine
• Integrate the search engine with their own websites
• Use on websites or blogs

Sample Uses:

Elementary: mm
• Students access "child safe" sites.
• Younger students receive a limited number of results they must read through.
Middle & High School: mm
• Students access "child safe" sites.
• Direct students to age appropriate sites
• Direct students to relevant sites, appropriate for the topics they are studying
• Help students use online time more efficiently, allowing more time for summarizing the results they find
• Create a search engine that reflects knowledge and information gathered over years of working with topics
mm mm
General: mm
• Create search engines to share with your department colleagues to use with their students
• Create unique labels for students to use that "match" the terms and topics they are studying
• Have students submit topics for Custom Search Engines after they have completed a unit on information literacy
• Have older students create Custom Search Engines for their peers; they must focus on what is pertinent
• School librarians create customized search engines to supplement classroom curriculum for teachers and students
• School librarians create customized search engines to augment media center webpages
• Classroom teachers create customized search engines for teacher websites
• Have students stay on a website; no need to leave to find information

Sample Custom Search Engine:

Topic: American Revolution

Try Searching For The Following Terms:
1. Paul Revere 8. Creating a new nation
2. U. S. History 9. social studies for kids
3. George Washington 10. General Gage
4. liberty 11. Boston
5. General Burgoyne 12. new nation
6. Saratoga 13. Minutemen
7. John Adams 14. Lexington


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