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Carol LaRow

Create a webpage for your classroom, department, or school position using Google Sites. Create interesting webpages. Make them as basic or intricate as you want. Choose from colorful themes and page templates that make the design much easier on you - real time savers!

Teachers can use the Sites for classroom webpages to communicate with students and parents about course requirements, assignments, field trips, homework, and much more. Create subpages, post files for students to view or download, post announcements, upload images, insert videos, link to RSS feeds, and more. Add your own course content and customize the Sites page for your own curriculum. See how to use gadgets to add additional features.

You can also teach your students to use Sites for student ePortfolios. Or use Sites for project-based learning or summary presentations at the end of a unit of study.

A Few Tips:

Getting your webpage address to people:

1) f you are just getting started with Google tools, and you don't use them regularly with your students, you may need a quick way to get your webpage to the students and parents:
  • Consider using a short URL
  • Students and parents can access and bookmark for returning to the page later
  • If you use a computer lab with students or mobile devices, have them bookmark your page for themselves

2) How can I make a short/tiny URL?

  • Click here to go to Google URL shortener
  • Copy and paste the long URL that points to your webpage into the box at the top
  • Google will create a short/tiny URL for you.
  • Give that to the students

3) Later, as you use more Google tools, you will be able to push URL's out to students using other tools.

Visibility Of Your Webpage:

1) It's important to set the "visibility" options of your webpage.
2) When your first create your webpage, it's "private."
3) Only you can view it.
4) You do NOT share a webpage with students or the public when you want to post it to the WEB for viewing.
5) You choose the correct "visibility" option.
6) Follow the directions below (3 screen shots below):

Sample Webpage
Google Sites Visibility
Click the "Share" button in the top, right corner of the Sites Page

In the "Share" window that opens, click the "Change" link
In this window:
  • Click "Public" if you wish to make your page public on the WEB
  • Click the middle choice if you wish to require students to sign into your school's domain in order to view the page
  • Remember to click "Save"
Google Sites Handout
Click here for a step-by-step handout for Google Sites
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