Google Voice Typing

Carol LaRow

Use the tool for "Voice Typing" in Google Docs. Add text to documents by speaking the words. Works with the Google Chrome browser.

This is a great feature to use with special needs students who may have manual dexterity problems, or have difficulty typing.

In addition, there are commands for editing and formatting. See the list below for a sample of the commands available. For additional commands, please see this page in Google "Docs Editors Help."

A Few Tips:

Be Sure Your Microphone Is Working:
  • Make sure microphone is on
  • Devices and microphones vary
  • Check your system preferences to be sure your microphone is working

1) Open a Google Doc:

  • In the menu, choose Tools > Voice Typing
  • When ready, click the microphone that appears in the top, left
  • When it turns red, begin speaking
  • When done, click the red microphone again
  • Click the X to turn off the "listening feature."
  • The box turns gray

2) Correcting mistakes.

  • If you make mistakes, you can use your cursor and make changes
  • Place the cursor where you want on the text
  • Type directly on the document
  • Then, move the cursor to where you want to continue dictating text, and choose Tools > Voice Typing

3) Note:

  • You can also use spell checker on the text you've added
  • Right-click on a word
  • You will see a list of suggested spellings
Select Tools > Voice Typing
To format your document, say these commands:

Text Formatting
Apply heading [1–6]
Apply normal text
Apply subtitle
Apply title
All caps [word or phrase]
Capitalize [word or phrase]
Note: "All caps" makes the word or phrase all capital letters. "Capitalize" capitalizes only the first letter.

Text Color And Highlighting
Text color [color]
Highlight [color]
Background color [color]
Remove highlight
Remove background color
Note: The colors available are: red, red berry, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, cornflower blue, purple, magenta, black, white, and gray. For all colors except black and white, you can add "light" or "dark" along with numbers 1-3 (for gray, 1-4), such as "dark purple 3." If you say "highlight" by itself, the highlighting color is yellow.

Red Microphone is "listening" to you speak

Font Size
Decrease font size
Increase font size
Font size [6-400]
Make bigger
Make smaller

Paragraph Formatting
Decrease indent
Increase indent
Line spacing [1-100]
Line spacing double
Line spacing single

Align center
Align justified
Align left
Align right
Center align
Left align
Right align

Apply 1 column
Apply 2 columns
Apply 3 columns
Column options
Insert column break

Create bulleted list
Create numbered list
Insert bullet
Insert number

Remove Formatting
Clear formatting
Remove formatting
Remove bold
Remove italics
Remove strikethrough
Remove underline

To edit the document, say these commands:

Delete last word
Delete [word or phrase]
Insert link [then say the URL you want to use]
Copy link
Delete link
Insert table of contents
Delete table of contents
Update table of contents
Insert comment [then say your comment]
Insert bookmark
Insert equation
Insert footer
Insert footnote
Insert header
Insert horizontal line
Insert page break

Note: If you say "Delete" by itself, the word before the cursor is deleted.
If you select the text of a URL and say "Insert link", the selected text becomes a hyperlink.

Stop Voice Typing:
Say, "Stop Listening."

Resume Voice Typing:
There are several ways to resume voice typing. Use any of the following commands:

Resume with [word or phrase]
Go to the end of the paragraph
Move to the end of the paragraph
Go to the end of the line
Move to the end of the line
Go to [word]

Finding Commands in Help:
To open a list of commands, say:

Voice typing help
Voice commands list
See all voice commands

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