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Google Docs Advanced Features

Carol LaRow

Work more effectively with Google Docs. Use some of the great features that allow you and your students to customize and format documents quickly. Edit images, use Add-Ons, do research, utilize formatting commands, add custom fonts, add bookmarks, use the Draw Tool, and much more.
Edit Images Inside Docs
No need to leave the document itself and use a 3rd party software to edit images and pictures. Now, you can change images right inside the document itself.

Select the image/picture within the document and:

  • Use the toolbar
  • Format Menu
  • Right-click the image and use the drop down menu

You can:

  • crop
  • rotate
  • re-color
  • adjust brightness
  • change contrast
  • add transparency
  • add borders
  • change to a different image

This feature can be very helpful and save time.

Editing Images - Image Options
Use the "Image Option" feature to change colors of images, adjust transparency, brightness, and contrast.
You can also choose negative colors. A nice feature is that the image is changed, not the background.
Revert Back To Original
You can always revert back to your original image. Choose, "No Re-Color" in the Image Option sidebar.
Export Docs As EPub's
Use the "Download As" feature to export Docs as EPub's for students to use.
  • Makes digital copies of documents
  • Useful for longer documents
  • Allows students to view documents on wide range of screen sizes and devices
  • Works with smartphones, tablets, eReaders, iPads, Androids, Kindles, etc.
Shows in Google Drive as .epub
Export to EPub Format
Converts so that user has regular controls in his/her Reader or device; see circled areas in images iPad: User can scroll through pages and use iPad controls: highlight, bookmark, define, etc.
Searching On The Drive Homepage
Useful to find documents shared with you by others.
  • Great when you can't remember the name of a file
  • Search by title, or part of a title
  • Also search by person's name within document, email address, owner of the file, topic inside the file,
    text in the document, etc.
Search By Title
Search Text Within A File
Locate Files In Drive
Useful to find documents shared with you by others.
  • Useful when you cannot remember the folder a file is in
  • Right click on the name of the file you wish to locate
  • You will see a drop down menu
  • Choose, "Show file location"
Find Where An Open File Is Located
Useful to find documents shared with you by others.
  • Useful to find a file's location from within an open Doc
  • File > Document Details
  • Small pop-up opens
  • Shows folder, owner, creation date, and date modified
  • You cannot go directly to the folder from this pop-up window
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