Apps To Use With Chrome

Carol LaRow

The following list contains useful Chrome apps for education.
Some are useful for educators; others for students.
Others are specific to productivity

What is the difference between an extension and an app?

1) Extensions are small programs that work with a browser. They enhance
what the browser does by adding functionality to the browser. They are
installed in the browser, and can work with several different sites the user visits.

2) Apps do not necessarily require that the user download or install anything.
Apps are typically websites that can run within a browser. Examples of Google
apps are Maps, Docs, Gmail, etc.


3D Anatomy Learning Free 3D viewer of the human body; includes 3D colored photos, diagrams, labels and more
3D Solar System Students can explore the Solar System in 3D. See how planets move in their orbits around the Sun; learn about each planet's orbit and distance from the Sun; understand the Solar System and Earth's position in relation to the other planets.
Abi Talk ABC Phonics Spelling PreK- 2nd grade; teachers letter sound, short vowels, consonants, blended sounds, etc. Students work on listening skills while practicing spelling and vocabulary. The app supports unlimited user accounts and provides detailed progress reports for each student.
Abi Talk ABC Phonics Word Family Pre-School - 1st grade; helps children recognize common word patterns, and understand how the consonants, vowels, and ending consonants affect pronunciation.
Abi Talk Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs Grades 2 - 6; students learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and how to use them in sentences; over 200 exercises in 16 different lessons; lessons include exercises that test students' understanding of each concept; the app supports unlimited user accounts; gives detailed progress reports for each student
Abi Talk Phonics Vowels Pre K - 1st grade; Students learn short and long vowels, letter combinations, blends, their sounds, and letter combinations, in a game format. There are images and animations for each word. There are matching games for students to use as they review what they learned.
Brain Pop Featured Movie Students learn something new every day; ties into current and historical events; students watch animated movies and test their knowledge with a quiz
Civil War - Guess My Name Students guess the names of 80 important people during the Civil War in America, based on descriptions of those people. There is a learning mode, quiz mode, and game mode. Incorrect answers are reflected in repeat questions for students until they learn. Use game mode for guessing answers against the clock; use the quiz mode for scores.
Elementary Grammar Exercises Has thousands of exercises and quizzes that cover main English grammar topics; exercises are grouped by topic: parts of speech, parts of a sentence, verbs, tenses, etc. Students can check the answers on the same webpage as they practice
Funtoot Use as a personalized digital coach for students; helps guide students through learning lessons; takes into account student's interests, aptitudes, concept comprehension, progress, etc.
Go Animate For Schools Both teachers and students can create and publish videos; this app is not free, but has a free trial; can enter dialogue with a microphone or use the text to speech tool; has built in backgrounds, characters, props, music, and sound effects
Google Cast For Education Share a computer's screen from one Chrome browser to another; teachers can have their computers act like wireless projectors for their classes; set up devices for wireless screen sharing; must have Google Chrome 52 or higher
Google Drive Access Google Drive from any device; allows users to access files stored in Google Drive; use for any time, anywhere learning; share with others; collaborate, and much more
Google Keep For notes, lists and photos; quickly capture ideas and photos; speak a "voice memo" and convert it to text; capture photos; color code and use labels; share with others
Google Photos Automatically organize photos by people, places, and things in the photos; store both photos and videos; photos are searchable; share photos with others; edit; use with Google Cast Extension to show photos on a TV
Google Slides Access Google Slides/Presentation to create presentations; use images, text, videos, and transitions; works on mobile devices too
Grammaropolis Complete Students learn parts of speech with animated characters who come alive in songs, books, videos, and quizzes. Characters' personalities are based on the roles they play in sentences. Note: The Free version gives users access to Nouns; the complete set costs $ 49. which includes a teacher dashboard and access for 35 students.
Guzinta Math Math lessons for 6th grade; percent of numbers; also has instructor notes
Hooda Math Games Free online math games for students; includes over 700 math games; includes logic, geometery, physics, number games, word games, racing games, manipulatives, jigsaw puzzles, and more. Has timed math tests and "Ask A Mathematician"
iStoryBooks Free interactive story books with photos, text, and audio; reads aloud to children; includes folklore, classic stories, educational books, fariy tales, preschool books, nursery school, and kindergarten books. Includes; A to Z animals, Ato Z fruits and vegetables, dinosaurs, national monuments of America, cars, trucks, boats, and more.
Kids A - Z Grades K-5; works with another app called, "Raz-Kids"; access e-Books and eQuizzes for 400+ titles; teachers can also get thousands of reading resources, including printable and projectable leveled books, quizzes, lesson plans, worksheets, etc. Using the two apps together provides a blended reading solution for students.
Kindergarten Kiosk Helps connect younger students to educational games without ads; no need for younger students to login
KineMan A 3D easy-to-use virtual human skeleton for studying the human body; study the body, move the joints, view the body from any angle
Learn States And Capitals Students learn about the 50 states and their capitals in an interactive way; drag and drop the capital onto the state; or drag the state onto the map; options to choose which states and capitals to learn
Learn To Count Money Helps children learn to count money with an interactive app; children drag the correct amount of money onto a treasure map in this pirate-themed educational app; five levels of difficulty
Math Games Free suite of math games for Grades Pre-K-8th; the games adapt to the learner's level of difficulty needed; interactive questions
Monster Math Flash Cards Students learn to add, subtract, and multiply; uses animated monsters; each flash card contains an animated monster that will entertain them as they practice math
My Homework Digital student planner to help with organization; helps keep track of tests, homework, projects, etc. Has nice calendar display which can be set to week or month; supports periods or time blocks. Free but also has a premium feature.
My Study Life A free online planner for students and teachers; store information about classes, homework, tests, etc. in the Cloud; integrates all areas of a student's schedule, including tasks; alerts users of conflicts in scheduling
Pixlr Editor An advanced photo editor that works in the browser; no account necessary; has tools such as layers, lasso, brush, cloning, and filters; tools include clone tool, brush tool, red-eye reduction, and more
PowToon Presentations Edu Used to create presentations and videos. Can be used by teachers and students. Has drag and drop user interface, pre-designed templates, characters, and props. Can export and share on websites, in mp4 format.
Prodigy Math Game Free math game for Grades 1 - 8. Games align with school curricula and Common Core. Automatic assessment for each student to place them in correct level. Embedded formative, diagnostic, and summative assessments.
Quizlet Allows users to study any topic; over 50 million free study sets; has six different modes including flashcards, scatter, speller, learn, test, and space race; features 13 million free study sets. Audio in 18 languages; share content with students.
Raz Kids Games A variety of free games for children; games have skills that contribute to the social development of children
Skill Builder Spelling (beta) Create personalized spelling lists for classes or individual students; works offline - students can practice at home without accessing the WEB
Splash Math - K - Grade 5 Over 300 math skills for grades Kindergarten - 5; addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, place value, algebra, money, time, etc. Uses animations, graphics, and games to help children master basic math concepts.
Storybird A tool for writing, reading, and storytelling in educational settings. Students use pictures, add text, and create stories. Helps build literacy while having students practice technology skills.
Study Blue A crowd-sourced study app including flashcards, study guides, notes, and more. Authored by over 13 million students, giving explanations for other students. Students can also create their own.
For a list of Extensions to use with Chrome, click here.
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