Extensions To Use With Chrome

Carol LaRow

The following list contains useful Chrome extensions for education.
Some are useful for educators; others for students.
Others are specific to productivity

What is the difference between an extension and an app?

1) Extensions are small programs that work with a browser. They enhance
what the browser does by adding functionality to the browser. They are
installed in the browser, and can work with several different sites the user visits.

2) Apps do not necessarily require that the user download or install anything.
Apps are typically websites that can run within a browser. Examples of Google
apps are Maps, Docs, Gmail, etc.

Note: When visiting the Web Store, users will get a notification if an app or extension
is not compatible with their device or browser. It is best to keep browsers up-to-date.


Adblock Plus An ad block tool for Chrome browser. Blocks banners, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, pop ups, etc. Free
Add This Share, translate, bookmark, print, and more; supports over 300 services
Anatomy Games Play anatomy games; learn about human anatomy; use interactive anatomy atlases; includes simple surgery content.
Appjump Quickly launch apps from your browser toolbar. Organize apps and extensions into groups; manage apps and extensions
Autocopy Select text or links on a page and copy them. Eliminates the need to use key commands or menu commands to copy and paste.
Apture An extension that gives additional info about text highlighted on a search page. Nice feature is that the user does not leave the webpage when getting additional information about text highlighted on a website.
Awesome Screen Shot Take screen shots; capture the whole page or any portion of a page; annotate capture with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, and text. You can even blur out sensitive information.
Bitly Share, save, and bundle links instantly on any webpage. Customize shortlinks from within the extension. Preview shows what your message will look like. Save and shorten any webpage with one click.
Black Menu A one-menu service for all your preferred Google services. Quickly search almost everything Google is capable of; contains an extensive menu of Google services; replaces iGoogle for many students.
Black Bar Sorter Works with the black menu bar in Google. Allows users to customize the order of the options in the Google menu bar; just drag and drop.
Boomerang for Gmail Allows users to create Gmail messages to be sent at a later time or date. Write messages when convenient and configure them to be sent at a later time. Great when you want to remind students to do something at a specific time. Type when convenient and let Boomerang "remember" to send the emails at the appropriate time.
Checker Plus For Calendar A very powerful extension for quick access to your Google calendar. See meetings, current date, desktop reminders, events, etc.
Checker Plus For Gmail Fast and easy way to manage multiple email accounts. Has many features and options. Allows for desktop notifications; can listen, read, or delete emails without opening them.
Chromecast Share content from Chrome to Cast devices. Find and play content on a Chromecast device from a Chrome browser. Play video on a TV via Chromecast, using your computer as a remote to browser for videos and control playback.
Cloud Save Save items on a webpage directly to the Cloud. Right click to save. Many cloud storage services are supported. Works nicely with Chromebooks.
Clearly Makes blog posts, articles, and webpages easy to read by eliminating all the distractions on the page. Also does text-to-speech.
Collusion For Chrome An extension that graphs how your data is being tracked on the WEB by companies and organizations. See what websites ae tracking you and block the ones you choose to block. Great extension to teach students that their Internet activity is not private.
Docs Quickly Quickly create a new Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Drawing with a single click from the menu bar. No need to launch Google Drive.
Drive Converter A file converter for files in Google Drive. Right click a supported file, and choose, "Open With Drive Converter." Automatically converts files to use in Drive. Supports common document, spreadsheet, image, and audio formats.
Dropbox Any file saved to your Dropbox account will automatically save to all your comuters, phones, and your account on the Dropbox website.
Diigo Web App Capture and annotate while browsing on the WEB. An extension that allows users to take screenshots, create bookmarks, archive, highlight, markup, and annotate. Then, save screenshots to your Diigo account.
Easy Bib Toolbar Cite webpages and create bibliographies with one click; creates fully-formatted, alphabetized bibliographies; also get advice on the credibility of the website
Edmodo Provides a secure social network for teachers and students. Connect with your students; have students connect with each other. Collaborate, share content, access homework, notices, grades, etc.
EquatIO Create digital math on your computer. Create mathematical equations, formulas, and quizzes. No need to learn code; can even hand write your digital math for clear, on-screen formulas. You can even dictate aloud. Free 30 day trial; premium features require a subscription.
EquatIO For Teachers
FREE For Teachers
As of November 30, 2017, EquatIO is FREE for teachers. This includes premium features too. Fill out Form; see link to the left. You will need approval to get access to all the premium features. Form asks for school email, administrator's name, etc.
Evernote Web Clipper Save things seen on the WEB into your Evernote account. Easy way to save, markup, and share things seen online. Automatically detects article content; removes all distractions from the page for cleaner look; saves both text and images and allows annotations on both. Use in place of bookmarks.
Eye Dropper Pick colors from webpages and use.
From Doc to PDF Free PDF converter; convert "to" and "from" PDF files; converts PDF files to different file formats including doc, tiff, jpeg;
Google Docs Quick Create Create new documents for Google Drive from your browser bar. The extension adds a drop down menu to your browser bar to quickly create documents, presentations, Forms, spreadsheets, and drawings.
Google Drive Create, collaborate, share, and keep everything in one place. Access your files from anywhere.
Google Keep Save images, text, quotes, url's, etc. from webpages visited; users can take notes for additional details and information and add labels to categorize what they are finding on the WEB.
Google Quick Scroll Find what you are looking for faster. The extension "finds" relevant information on the page and highlights them. Allows users to jump to important parts of an online article.
Google Similar Pages Finds webpages that are similar to the one the user is viewing or has used the Google Search Engine for. Finds pages similar to the topic students are researching and creates a drop down list with choices. Allows users to examine pages quickly. Note: The extension appears in the omnibox, not in the menu bar of Chrome.
Google URL Shortener
Convert longer URL's to shorter ones. Will also create QR codes so users can take pictures of the code with device cameras and be taken directly to a site. Note: All goo.gl URL's are public and can be accessed by anyone.
Grammarly Checks spelling and grammar as user types on websites. Helps eliminate mistakes on the Web; useful when filling out forms on the Web, or with any website that requires typing. Also has an online editor for larger writing projects; can store documents in the online editor.
Inbox by Gmail Save links to webpages for later or share with others via email; great for group projects or teachers sharing links to webpages with students or colleagues
KeyRocket For Gmail Learn keyboard shortcuts for gmail. The extension recommends keyboard shortcuts while you are using Gmail.
Math Practice - For K-12 Common Core aligned; has over 600 math skills with hundreds of worksheets and learning lessons
My Homework A student planner/organizer; keep track of classes, homework, tests, projects, assignments; free; available on multiple platforms.
Nuggets Helps students remember things they learn; gives students reminders of what they have learned; students can "capture" what they learn in 200 characters or less by typing, OR highlight any text on a website to create a nugget; can organize by hashtags, to allow for searching topics
Office Editing For Docs, Sheets, and Slides View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point files WITHOUT having Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Install the extension, drag files into Chrome, and files will open for viewing and editing. Note: Needs Chrome 53 or higher.
Quotations "AQuotation" Find and share quotations. Thousands of famous quotations worth quoting.
Quotes Book Collect and share favorite quotations; find quotes that are important for you and add them to your own quotes book; share with others; keeps a list of quotes you can re-read and share. Users can also add their own quotes to their "book" of quotes. Quotes are downloadable; widget provided for quote book to be placed on websites, blogs, etc. Even has an integrated translation tool.
Quiz Cards: Spanish Learn Spanish vocabulary with interactive flash cards; the extension keeps track of how well students do and quizzes them on the words they missed the most; has different modes: multiple choice, fill in, or auto complete
Quizlet Online flashcards and learning tools; features 13 million free study sets. Has six different modes including flashcards, scatter, speller, learn, test, and space race. Audio in 18 languages; share content with students.
Save To Pocket Allows users to save multiple open tabs under one heading; saves to "Pocket," which is a drop down menu of all the tabs in that particular save. Can click to open specific pages saved in that collection. Good for doing research and saving multiple pages for later reference. Can sync to different devices when using Google accounts.
Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder) A simple video screen capture software; records what user does on screen inside a browser window; use for video tutorials, presentations, projects, reports, lessons. Also supports desktop capturing - make tutorials by recording what you do on your computer or device screen.
Screen Capture By Google Capture visible content of a tab, a region of a webpage, or the whole page as a PNG image. Supports horizontal and vertical scrolling. You can also edit captured images before saving.
Send To Google Drive
Share To Classroom Works with Google Classroom; quickly share a website with all your students or students in a particular class; pushes out webpages to all students with one click; can use for assignments in Classroom. Also has feature which allows students to show their teachers webpages they've used for researching topics (students push websites they've used to their teachers).
Similar Sites Renders 10 similar sites to the one user is searching; gives a picture of the sites' homepages and a brief description, along with the website title. Can also click, "Get More Results" for up to 25 additional sites.
Speakit A text-to-speech extension; highlight words or sentences and click the icon to start listening; works with 50 different languages
Split Screen Prompts the user for two URL addresses and displays both in one window. Great for viewing two pages at once or looking at another page while waiting for a video to buffer on another.
Spreed Assists students as they read. Window opens in browser, and words flash by at a certain speed. Students do not have to use their eyes to scan left and right over lines of text. Studies show it's easier for students with reading difficulties to read one word at a time. Use as practice. Can change font size, speed of words appearing, etc.
Tab Glue Will save open Chrome tabs together in one window, which will open with one click. It leaves the tabs arranged in the same order user had windows open in the Chrome Browser; helps students keep track of where they were working when they had to shut down. Also has option to minimize windows. Note: Works with Tab Scissors (which splits windows for viewing side-by side).
Tab Resize - Split Screen Layouts Split screen layouts made easy. Automates resizing tab windows to pre-defined and user defined layouts.
Tab Scissors Split mutliple windows in a browser for easier reading. Instead of going back and forth between different tabs, users can see windows side by side, in the same space on their screens. Can even split windows again.
TeX For Gmail Use LaTeX expressions with Gmail; WYSIWYG editing of outgoing messages. Person receiving the Gmail does NOT need to have TeX for Gmail installed to view what you send.
Video Download Helper Download videos from the WEB; works with Chrome and Firefox; allows users to name downloads; play downloaded videos directly from the extension; can setup downloads depending on user's bandwidth needs
For a list of Apps to use with Chrome, click here.
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