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Google Classroom

Carol LaRow

Google Classroom is part of "Google Apps For Education." Schools must have GAFE in order to use Google Classroom.
Some Features
  • Establish paperless workflows with students
  • Pass out and collect assignments in one place
  • Create, assign, collect, and grade student work
  • Each student receives his/her own copy of the assignment, including directions and due dates
  • As students turn in assignments, Classroom keeps track of those who are done and those who are not
  • Teachers can create different Google Classrooms for each of the classes they teach
  • Teachers can co-teach classes with other teachers
  • Google Classroom works with Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Presentation, Calendar, Gmail, etc.
  • Teachers can share resources
  • Assignments can have files, links to the WEB, videos, Forms, and more
  • Facilitates teacher-student interactions
  • Allows for private comments between teachers and students
  • Puts all assignments in Classroom Folders which are automatically created
Create Different Classes

Google Classroom Also allows teachers to:

  • Create assignments
  • Post class announcements
  • Ask discussion questions, allowing students to post answers
  • Create multiple choice questions
  • Take polls/surveys
  • Resuse assignments and announcements
  • Post assignments to multiple classes at the same time
  • Save assignments as "drafts" to edit and post later
  • Schedule assignments to "post" to the Stream at a later date
  • Use posts created in other Google Classroom classes they teach
Assignment Menu

Reusing Posts Created In Other Classroom Classes:

  • Choose, "Re-use Post" from the + Menu
  • Select the class from the window that opens
  • Select the post (assignment) you wish to re-use
  • At the bottom of the window, select "Create new copies of all attachments" if you wish to resuse the attachments from the original post
  • Click the "Reuse" button at the bottom of the window
  • The assignment appears in the class you are working on
  • Choose a due date
  • Click, "Assign"

Note: If the original assignment pushed out a copy for every student, the re-used post will also do it, creating a new copy for each student.

Creating Posts And Assigning To Multiple Classes:

  • Classroom allows teachers to create one post, and
  • Assign that post to multiple classes
  • No need to re-type the post for each class you teach
  • When creating the post, click the drop down arrow next to the name of the current class you are in
  • The name of the class is located in the middle of the menu at the bottom of the window
  • A list of the other classes you teach will be viewable
  • Click the small box next to each of the classes you also wish to assign the post
  • Click "Assign" when you are done

Each class you selected will be given the exact, same post, and the attached files will also be included

As students turn in assignments, Classroom keeps track of students that are done and those that are not done. Teachers can see a status of the class at a glance. And, the results can be sorted.

Teachers can filter the page for: all students, those that are done, those that are not done, and assignments that have been returned.

In addition:

  • Teachers can:
    • open individual student's assignments from this page
    • write personal comments to students as they return the work
    • grade assignments on this page
    • return assignments from this page
  • Students can post personal comments back to the teachers

Viewing Student Work:

  • Teachers can view each student's work on a single page
  • Clicking on a particular student's name will open a list for that student
  • There's a filter to choose what to see on the page: work turned in, missing work, and work returned with a grade
  • The following can be seen at a glance:
    • grades for each assignment
    • attachments the student has added to an assignment
    • comments between that student and the teacher

Reorder classes on the Classroom Homepage:

  • Teachers can re-order how their different classes appear on the Classroom Homepage
  • Just click and drag, or
  • Use the drop down menu on the icon for each class
    Classroom automatically creates a calendar for each class, with assignments and due dates, helping to keep students organized. Classroom also can link to your regular Google Calendar.
    Google Trends
    "Google Trends" - Get information about searches people are doing Worldwide. See broad search pattern results by country and city.
    1. Based on Internet searches done on Google over time
    2. Results only shown for those terms that receive a significant amount of search traffic
    3. Countries and cities show up, by rank - which areas searching the most for the term you entered in your query
    4. Can export to .csv files which can be opened in spreadsheet applications
    5. Have students use Trends when doing research
    6. Harvest Trend Charts for classroom discussions and lessons
    7. Can compare multiple terms; use commas

    Go to "Google Trends"

    Google Translate
    "Google Translate" - Translate phrases, text, documents, and entire webpages.
    1. Type a phrase; translate instantly
    2. Works with 57 languages
    3. Type phrase to translate on the right side
    4. See translation on the left side
    5. Click the "speaker icon" to hear the words being spoken
    6. Detects language if you are not sure what language you are trying to translate
    7. Uses technology to do the translations
    8. Users can view alternate translations by clicking on words above the box.
    9. Users can also drag words to re-order them in the sentence (Use shift key)

    Note: The boxes change, depending on what you type. If you type a phrase or word, the translation appears on the right side of the window. If you type a URL, the link appears on the right side of the window, and you click on it to go to the translated page. When a webpage is translated, you can hover over a word or sentence, and Google will translate that word or sentence back to the original language you started with.

    Go to "Google Translate"

    Complete webpage translated

    daily hits