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Resources provided below to assist teachers and students in finding project assets.
Resources below are FREE.

Public Domain & Free:

Citing Sources:

      Use these sites and resources to assist you as you cite photos, images, videos, etc. of others. Some cites state that you may use the work of the contributor as long as you attribute the work in the manner specified by the author. You should read the conditions on each site and on each piece of work you wish to use.

      Some Sites for creating citations:

      1. Easy Bib - a free bibliography and citation creator
      2. Easy Bib's Visual Guide to Citations
      3. WikiHow - How to Attribute a Creative Commons Licensed Work
      4. Son Of Citation Machine, older version, properly credit sources and WEB media
      5. Son Of Citation Machine - newer version, properly credit sources and WEB media
      6. Creative Commons - sample search page; click on images to see attribution requirements
      7. Creative Commons - attribution page sample
      8. Creative Commons - sample attribution based on contributor's requirements
      9. Creative Commons - FAQ's

Google Docs - Free Image Add-Ons:

                 Use the following sites for add-ons to Google Docs, which will enhance
what both you and your students can do.

      1. Pixabay Free Images
      2. Insert Icons For Docs
      3. Full Deck For Google Docs

Google Slides - Free Image Add-Ons:

      1. Unsplash - insert free photos in any Slides presentation
      2. Insert Icons For Slides - 1,800+ icons from Font Awesome and Google Material Design
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Google Historical Voyages And Events - Free project open to schools around the World. See teacher lessons and student projects that use Google tools.

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Creative Commons Attribution
MLA Format - WEB- Based Media
Creative Commons Attributions:
  1. Search for image in "Google Image Search"
  2. Use the toolbar to limit your search to "Usage Rights"
  3. Be sure to choose ones you are free to use
  4. Example below is an image of frog on Google Image Search found on Wikimedia Commons
  5. In the search results, click on an image from Wikimedia Commons
  6. You will see a larger image of the image you've chosen
  7. Clicking on the image takes you to the Wikimedia Commons webpage
  8. Note: In top, right of page, you will see 5 icons
  9. Choose: "Use this file"
  10. You will see an image similar to the one on the right, depending on the image you have chosen.
  11. Note where it is labeled, "Attribution"

You will see the owner of the image, the title of the image, and the Creative Commons attribution the owner wishes to have.

The sample to the right has the following attribution requirements listed for the user on the Creative Commons webpage for the selected image:

By Brian Gratwicke (Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

One correct way to write the attribution is:

Photo by Gratwicke / CC BY 2.0

In the example above, the terms are:

  • Photo - a link to the image which has been posted on a Creative Commons webpage
  • by Gratwickie - the name of the owner of the image
  • CC By 2.0 - links back to the license on Creative Commons, which tells you the information about how you may use the image