Resources to Use With White Boards

Carol LaRow

Interactive Sites: Use with whiteboards or have students use individually, at computers.

Language Arts:
   Elementary School:
Starfall: Learn to Read, Vowels, Chunking
What's the Word - Reading and Vocabulary
Magnetic Poetry - First Words
Game Goo - Synonyms, Antonyms, Create Words, Match Letters & More
Phonics and Word Study
Spin and Spell
Identifying Sentences that Ask Questions
Word Drop
Word Hunt
Alphabet Zoo - Baby Animals and Letters
Dot to Dot - Connect the dots or letters to create pictures (Open image; save file to your computer; then, import image to whiteboard software and resize to make larger for elementary students)
Dot to Dote Worksheets and Printables
More Dot to Dot
Connect the Dots with a Surprise at the End of Every Game
Long Vowel Sounds
Capital Letters and Periods
Writing a Friendly Letter
Mad Libs for Juniors
Snowman Builder - Compound Words
Inkless Tales - Reading Stories
Create Your Own Poetry
Learn to Read - Pumpkins and Vowels
Learning Letter Combinations - Snowmen
Amazing Incredible Handwriting Worksheet Maker
Sentence Detectives, Speaking and Listening, Poetry, Writing, Stories
   Middle School:
Paint by Idioms
Compare and Contrast - Write an Essay That Compares Two Myths or Legends
Magnetic Poetry
Grammar Gorillas, Parts of Speech
Identify Synonyms
Grammar and Punctuation Activities
Learning Adjectives
Classify Words in a Series
Antonym Challenge
Graphic Organizers - Use in Browser or Save and Import to Clip Art - (permission to print)
Shape Poems
Spell Check
Search Word Puzzles (based on novels)
Speaking and Listening, Writing, Poetry
   High School:
Grammar Exercises
Compare and Contrast - Write an Essay That Compares Two Myths or Legends
Literature: Of Mice and Men, Shakespeare, MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, and more
Interactive Parts Of Speech (Can Select Different Languages)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Making Graphs
Dates and Time
Number & Operations: Abacus, Bar Chart, Decimals, Fractions, Money, Graphs,
Tangrams, Venn Diagrams, Rectangle Division
Measurement: Attribute Blocks, Converting Units, Ladybug Mazes, Pattern
Blocks, Tangrams, Time
Teaching Multiplication Tables
100 Square - Sequences and Patterns; draw on the 100 squares with colored pens
Teaching Money
Teaching Time
Arithmagons, Fraction Freeze, & Shape Match
Pizza Party Fractions
Using Smartboards to Support Math (must have Smart Notebook software)
Multiplication and Division - Intermediate
Identify Patterns in Number and Times Table Sequences - Ideas Listed for Uses
Counting in Ones and Tens
Fun With Geometric Shapes (Smart)
How To Use a Ruler (Smart)
   Middle School:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Graph Paper to Print and Use with Whiteboard or Print for Students
Equivalent Fractions Finder
Funbrain - Place Value Puzzler
Arithmetic Four
Comparison Estimator
Arithmetic Quiz
Convert Fractions to Decimals and Decimals to Fractions
Congruent Triangles, Fractals, Transformations, Triominoes
Algebra Tiles, Pentominoes, Polyominoes, Space Blocks, Color Patterns
Fresh Baked Fractions
The Ruler Game
Angles Interactive Activity
Create a Graph - Bars, Lines, Area, Pie, & XY
   High School:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Algebra Balance Scales, Coin Problem, Grapher, Pentominoes, Polyominoes
Geometery: Geoboard, Pattern Blocks, Platonic Solids, Polyominoes, Pythagorean
   Theorem,Tangrams, Tesselations, Tight Weave, Transformations
Data Analysis and Probability: Histogram, Pascal's Triangle, Savings Calculator,
    Scatterplot, Spinners, Voting, Probabilities, Pie Charts
Measurement: Converting Units, Fill and Pour, How High?, Pattern Blocks
Quadrilateral Quest - Interactive Geometery Applet
Create an XY Graph
Build-A-Saurus: Build Your Own Dinosaurs
Environmental Kids' Club
Plant and Animal Groups
Build Your Own Caterpillar
Fun School Science Games
Simple Machines
Build a Food Web
   Middle School:
NASA for Kids
NASA - Interactive Science Games
National Geographic Kids
Interactive Science Resources - 132 interactive lessons
Explore Climate Conditions - The Weather Maker
Environmental Kids' Club
Topmarks - Label the Cells: Plants and Animals
Topmarks - Label the Animal Cells
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Color Wheels
Moire Pattern Generator
Physical Processes - Magnets and Springs
Characteristics of Materials: Gases, Liquids, and Solids
Living Things - Plants, Microorganisms, Teeth, Food Chain, Life Cycles
   High School:
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Properties of Matter (Student Site)
Chemicals Around Your Home - Test Your Knowledge
Atlas of the Body (AMA)
Cell Biology Animation
Periodic Table of the Elements - Interactive
Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy
Topmarks - High School Biology Interactive Resources
Interactive Java Tutorial - An Optical Microscopy Primer
Powers of Ten - Start with the Milky Way and Move Towards Earth in Successive Orders of Magnitude Until You Reach a Plant on Earth
Refraction of Light
Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
Social Studies:
Locate the States
Place the States
I Know That - Intermediate Grades
National Geographic GeoSpy - Locate Continents, Countries, & States (game)
K-Bears - Geography Games
Interactive Maps
National Geographic - Lewis and Clark Expedition
Elementary Level Geography Interactive Resources
    Middle School:
Place the States
National Geographic Geo Spy
Geography Games
Quizzes & Games -
Early American: Dress, Tools, Architecture, Chronologies
Social Studies for Kids
Capital Cities in the World (Smart)
Jamestown Settlement - Online Adventure
I Know That - Grades 5 & 6
Fact Master - The Fifty States
United States Presidents - (Click on Game Icons on Right Side of Page)
Presidential Portraits Game - Facts About Presidents of the United States
Smithsonian American History - Transportation Modes
Interactive History Resources - Events, 20th Century
Interactive History - Ancient Civilizations, Settlers, Tudors, Victorians, 20th Cent.
   High School:
Ancient History and Culture
Current Events
Maps of the World by National Geographic - Click on "Activities"
Time Lord - Play History Games: Exploration, Political & Historical Figures, US History, World History, Military & War, and More
Concept Mapping - Convert Lists of Words to Mind Maps
Branches of the United States Government
Music Paper Backgrounds
The Instrument Lab
Thumb Piano Tunes
Creating Music - A Place for Kids to Compose Music
Making Music - Sound Pictures, Musical Mysteries, Composers & Instruments
Middle School:
Freaky Frank's Music Machine
Music Theory, Composers and Instruments
High School:
Name the Composer (second link)
Compose Music (first link)
The Music in Poetry - Smithsonian
Collage Machine
Kids' Jungle
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
   Middle School:
Word Artist
Onion Street Art Room
Paper Toys
Smart Kids - Museum of Art for Kids
World Myths & Legends in Art - Compare and Contrast
Famous Paintings
   High School:
The Art Zone
Timeline of Art History
Timeline of Art History
World Myths & Legends in Art - Compare and Contrast
Kids' Health
Body Parts
Coloring Books - Health and Science Topics
Dole 5 a Day - Understand the Importance of Healthy Eating
Tiny But Dangerous Mosquito Borne Diseases (Click on "Games" at the Top)
   Middle School:
Family and Consumer Science
Brain Explorer - Learn About the Human Brain
Human Anatomy
Chicken Dumplings for Your Mind - All About Chickens!
CDC-Body and Mind Games
   High School:
Family and Consumer Science
Foreign Language:
Parts of the Body - Motivating Games in French, Spanish, German, and English
Translator Alligator - Learn Vocabulary
The Visual Dictionary - In French and English
Illustrated Vocabulary - Learn Elementary Vocabulary with Pictures
Sign the Alphabet
SmartBoard Resources
Downloadable Templates (some may only work with Smartboard)
Resources by Subject and Grade - Teachers Come First
Panoramas - 3D Virtual Tours of sites all over the world
Games for Elementary Students
Population Clocks - United States and World
TerraServer - Locate Places Using Satellite and Aerial Photos
If you have any sites you would like added to this page, please let me know. I'll be happy to add them for your convenience.
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